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A small group of extremely close friends. Everyone knows that they are besties. They do everything together and join together to form an amoeba. They are most often distinguished as having superior intelligence and/or exceptional looks.
Me: Jiliane, Emma, Mackenzie and Jenna are an amoeba.
Rick: Yeah, totally. They are so hot.
by amoeba woman May 31, 2009
A blank notebook shared between best friends or an amoeba. The friends take turns adding entries pertaining to life, boys, sex, school and the idiots that make up half of our population. The Book is treasured by the friends and can be seen only by their eyes. It is exchanged between it's owners at candlelit vigils.
1) The amoeba has a Book.
2) One day those girls will publish The Book.
by amoeba woman May 31, 2009

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