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3 definitions by amnesia [aka amber]

this is when you take both your hands and stick it in someones buttcrack. it should look like a simulation of the little fishy, but with more work and effort to piss the person off.
oh no not the big fishy!!! =O
by amnesia [aka amber] February 15, 2007
10 7
this is when you take your hand, and in a wavy motion, stick it in there butt crack. it should look like a fish swimming into there buttcrack. it doesnt have to be directly inside, thats just gross. but over there underwear is fine.

-most guys absolutely hate this!
so have fun torturing them with this technique =]
i gave my friend a little fishy one time and he had a freakin heart attack. then got really angry with me and tried to do it back. it can be fun =]
by amnesia [aka amber] January 31, 2007
11 13
this is just like the little fishy and the big fishy but worse. this is when you take your hand and make a fin-like-shape with your hand. Then really fast you ram your hand into the persons buttcrack. it should hurt them for a while.
i got a running jump and gave my friend a shark in the ass. hahahha! he waddled for like a week.... owned! >:D
by amnesia [aka amber] February 26, 2007
7 13