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A Farsi (Iranian, Persian) name for the most creative way for male masturbation! Jazireh literary means "island". To go a Jazireh, you should fill the bathtub with warm water and lay down in it naked such that only your foreskin is out of the water (resembling an island). Then play ONLY with the part of the penis under water until you come (while watching your foreskin out of the water). This is probably the most luxurious and pleasurable masturbation technique known to mankind...

Enjoy ;)
as long as Iranian chicks are being such ass-holes, Iranian men will come up with genius masturbation techniques such as Jazireh... If Iranian chicks stop having sex with black guys and gay "good looking" American's, and actually do Iranian men, then they might come up with the most creative sex positions on earth...
by amiroo January 22, 2010
Working From Minneapolis
Used for setting your chat status when you work in a city other than Minneapolis but are traveling to Minnesota and don't want to spare a vacation day. You can set your corporate chat status to WFM so people think you are working (but you are instead on Urban Dictionary submitting random acronym definitions...)
by amiroo April 22, 2011

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