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When a girl (usually of college age) looses all her inhibitions on the dance floor and resorts to her primal instincts and gets on all fours while simultaneously continuing to dance and rub her ass against her partners crotch like she forgot to wipe her ass. Usually results in sex afterwords.
Frat bro 1: Doode you see Jenny last night?
Frat bro 2: Yeah man, bitch got 'primal' all over your shit.
by amilkynug December 04, 2011
Any type of clothes where a male feels he looks good enough to:
1) Get laid
2) Hook up
3) Get a phone number
Guy 1: Yo man you ready to rage your face off tonight
Guy 2: Bro...do you even have to ask, I got my 'Clam hunting clothes' on.
by amilkynug December 10, 2011

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