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A really thick person, who could be described as both a retard and a fucker.
Generally used with distain
Conrad: yo bitch
Dan: SHUT UP FUCKTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
#fuck tard #fucktard #retard #fuckturd #fucker
by amilegend February 24, 2010
A derogatory term, when said to somebody residing in the United Kingdom. Generally meaning that they are a coward/pussy

Stop being so French.

A phrase used to say to someone, to stop being such a pussy.
Generally used by english kids forced to learn french.

See also surrender monkey
Kid surrenders to a hoodie with a knife.

Onlooking dude: i swear that kids french
#french #france #stop being so french #surrender monkey #frnch
by amilegend February 24, 2010
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