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A network that shuns the best sport in the world, hockey, and obsesses over the worst league in the world, the NBA. And also obsesses over the stupidest things for the LONGEST time (ie. penn st, tebow, jeremy lin, NFL in general)
"And now ESPN's top plays, or should i say top play, because it's the same dunk over and over that we have all seen hundreds of times before."
by amcoho4 March 13, 2012
The band Metallica makes the word epic seem less overused. Redefined music itself in the 80's, easily the greatest band in the history of music.
Stan: I'm going to go listen to dubstep and lil wayne, come on!
Joe: I'd rather strap myself to the wing of a turbine. I'm going to listen to Metallica, they're fucking epic!
by amcoho4 March 12, 2012

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