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n. a college student
I just saw a group of alcoholics on their way to a kick-ass party. One of them is in my math class.
by ambercutie December 06, 2005
Mamma's Boys Academy

A suspiciously all-boys school with a sissy Headmaster in Nashville Tennessee where all of the students think that their shit doesn't stink because they can afford to wipe their butts with fifty dollar bills.
Sister school to Harpeth Hall.
Those MBA boys love to play with themselves,and it is just not cricket.
by ambercutie March 01, 2005
The absolute hottest man on the planet. His two best roles were when he played Legolas in LOTR and Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribbean. Birthday is January 13, 1977. From Canterbury, England.
That guy is almost as hot as Orlando Bloom.
by ambercutie March 01, 2005

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