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1 definition by amazinggg[=

An AMAZING friend that will always be there for you no matter what. Very protective over people she loves. Cares so much that she'll cry over your problems! Loves friends and family forever... loud, fun, crazy, gives huge hugs, so popular and loved by everyone its hard to have a conversation with. opens up easily. completely trustworthy!!<3
will do anything for you
tough.. would win any fight!
Girl1: are you still really upset?)=
Girl2: no(=
Girl1: but... just a second ago... he.. really hurt you...?
Girl2: yea... veroley took care of it(=
Girl1: i wish i had a veroley there for me...
(few minutes later)
Girl1: wait .... is he..... OK? like... how injured is he?
by amazinggg[= April 01, 2011