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I have to pee for real.
"Where's the bathroom?"
"I have to pizzle fo rizzle."
by Amanda May 04, 2003
a f*cking ugly bitch, who preforms slutty actions and is not trustworthy
Elise is a fugly slut who made out with a hot dog.

Amanda is such a fugly slut, she dove into a pile of girls.
by Amanda September 29, 2004
Most kick ass, real sorority at Rowan. Usually undefeated in all intramural sports. Can drink anyone under the table. Crazy parties.... infamous radiator dancing.
'Man there's nothing to do tonight...'
'You wouldn't say that if you knew any AEPhi's, there's always a party there'
by Amanda February 23, 2005
fuckin ugly...and belive me...i've seen a few fuggly people in my day!
That chick is fuggly, it looks like she ran into a brick wall!
by Amanda January 18, 2005
small moon shaped ring worn on womens feet. usually cute young beach girls and porn stars.
damm! even her feet are sexy, especially with those cute toe rings.
by amanda October 21, 2003
The best band in the world. Consists of Stacy, Jamie, Brian, and Drew. Stacy is the singer and the songwriter, not to mention HOT. They are the band with the hit song "Flavor of the Weak" in 2001, and a semi-popular song "Another Perfect Day" in 2001. They now have a second album out, called "The Art of Losing", which released February 25, 2003.
American Hi-Fi was recently dropped from their record label, Island Def Jam.
by Amanda January 03, 2004
if u havent seen it live u r a VIRGIN .
i am a virgin proud and true....
by amanda November 07, 2003

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