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an expression of disbelief or great angst
My laptop just died, what the shiz, yo
by amadding July 07, 2008
One who falls asleep on the toilet
Why is it everytime I walk in the john, the crap napper is snoring in the handicap stall, yo?
by amadding August 01, 2008
a combination of Indian and English combined in such a way as to make little or no sense to anyone.
inidangish: "Who Juan Dirdy Six" (english translation: who is numer 136?)

indiangish "You Dirdy Hoar" (english translation: 234)

indiangish "U Sammabeech" (English Translation: Your sandwich)
by amadding April 12, 2009
John's wife walked into the bathroom and caught him racing his mule
by amadding July 13, 2008
a customer service rep or tech support rep that you cannot understand.
I called their tech support but it was useless, I got a delltech. I couldn't understand a word he was saying after "Tank you for calling dell"
by amadding April 07, 2009
a person sleeping in a bathroom stall. Often times snoring loudy to call attention to their activity.
Dude, I went to take a dump and the turd napper has got the stall tied up again!
by amadding August 01, 2008
starbucks, a trendy coffee establishment where everything is exorbitantly priced.
Let's meet at five bucks for a cup of coffee.
by amadding July 13, 2008

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