79 definitions by alyssa

a hot person who has pretty smiles; a girl who is a pimp anywhere, anyhow; someone who likes to hang out with alyssa because they think she's cool; a rock lover; someone who can jump and scream and act crazy and still be considered the most incredible person at school; someone who is too sexy for your ugly ass
Whoa see that girl m'love. She's got it going onnnnnnnn.
by Alyssa April 24, 2005
Kind of like a Moahwk but the people arent brave enough to shave the sides on their heads. Sure it looks cool...But its better with the sides of your head shaved
ex.1) Its not right for a wigger to have a Fohawk.
ex.2) The dude chickened out when he tried to get a mohawk so he just got a fohawk
ex.3)Person 1: my head looks like a penis when its shaved...so i just wont get a mohawk (sobs)
Person 2: NO!! I have an idea! Get a FOHAWK!!!
by Alyssa April 28, 2004

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