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ghetto is a place where every wigger dreams of coming from!

all of them white boyz think they so ghetto werin a rag and oversized sweater baggy jeans and dada shoes..
mothafucka u aint ghetto u just a rich punky ass white boy livin off their mama in suburbia. Yo ass woudnt ieven survive ghetto for 2 day u bitch as punk .
U should be F-king happy that u live in suburbia with ur mommy and daddy and good amount of money buying u Xbox and shit...

and ghetto aint that bad i live in SOuth Central and u know im making it through.
Wigger #1: YO yo yo man wazzzzzup brotha!
Wigger #2: wazzup patnar wat it do?11
black kid from the ghetto: Niggaz the fuckU Trippin on??ß!! u bitch ass punks go back to yo mamas and play yo Xbox BITCH!!!
MAn im so ghett i bought blue rag

yo im so ghetto i bought red rag

damn we bloodz and crips-.....
by alpi February 14, 2008

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