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A spoof of a spoof
Mel Brooks is coming out of retirement to make a spoof of Vampires Suck. It's gonna be a spoof of a spoof. It's gonna be a spoooof.
by almos_def July 25, 2011
A Goth who melts in the sun
She wore too much black in the heat wave, and she melted. Goth Girl is now a gooth.
by almos_def July 25, 2011
Someone who can't hang out with you at night because he or she is always going to bed.
J: Hey Rhonda, you wanna catch the new Harry Potter movie tonight? Next show starts at 9pm.

R: (Yawn) Well Josh, I wooooould, but I have to wake up early tomorrow. I should probably, you know, just go to bed.

J, later on, whispering to his other pal Wanda during previews at Harry Potter: Man, Rhonda is such a bedgoer. 9pm and all tucked in. Yeesh.

W: Hey, shhh!! The movie's about to start!
by almos_def July 27, 2011
What Adderall starts to do after you get a little too into it. It subtracts weight, money, time, sleep, patience, body temperature, and attention span. It "subtracts it all."
Prescribing doctor: I'm going to prescribe you Adderall, to help you focus and give you more energy to complete your tasks.

Patient: Thanks, doc. Anything I need to know?

Doctor: Yes. If you abuse it, it'll take everything away from you that makes you human. It'll give your skin the cold, slick sheen of a lizard, and your mind the attention span of a grasshopper. You'll forget about your friends, food, showers, why you even asked for this in the first place.
You'll be tore up from the floor up. You'll need a check up from the neck up. You'll go from Adderall... to Subtractitall.

Patient: *already stuffing script in his pocket, walking out the door: Ah, gotcha. Later, doc!
by almos_def August 11, 2011
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