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Like the above, a 1970's band known for their unique blend of Blues and Hard Rock, forming a style of music that captivates me. Formed officially in 1971, their first album, Foghat, was released in 1972, followed by an album of the same name, but with the infamous rock and roll on the cover. More albums were created until the 70's weened away, and the 80's brought new forms of music. Foghat's last albums from the early 80's were a last desperate atempt to bring the band back into it's former glory. In 1983, Rod Price, the slide guitarist, nicknamed "The Bottle" after his slide guitar skills, left the band on depression. The band was virtually gone until the 90's. Bringing back some old tunes and some new tracks, they toured as a reunion, and even today they do concerts every so often. In 2000, "Lonesome" Dave Peverett, the lead singer and guitarist passed away from lung cancer. Recently, in this year of 2005, Rod Price passed on from injuries sustained in an accidental stairway fall. Roger Earl, drummer and percussionist, and the bassist Nick Jameson, still play in the band currently, with additional members standing in for the unforgettable and untimely deceased other members. As the new century wakes up, many band members have gone from this world, and shall never be forgotten. For their skills and sweat and tears built what rock is today, but never will it be outdone, for these days, it is truly about the money, glamour, and most is not worthy of being called "rock." The men and women rockers of that generation, who actually created music unique to themselves, shall live on forever, for real rock n' roll never dies. In all their glory, they will never be forgotten...and never will the fans ever stop, for loyalty will go to the grave with me. All I can say to close this defintion is Rock on, rock hard, and live life to the fullest till the end.
"Dude, Foghat is in town!"


"Hell yeah!"

"Grab the beer, lets party!"
by alloyskull101 May 27, 2005

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