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Some people say these bracelets mean everything people say they mean and other people say they're mearly fashionable. Me, on the other hand, i think both ways. I started wearing them as a fashion but my boyfriend (and only my boyfriend) started breaking them off. I still wear them as a fashion. I'm not looking for anyone to break off afew black ones so we can fuck it up all night long or anything. I just sometimes do the hugs or kisses with my boyfriend. But what I'm saying is, it's all a matter of opinion. Those who want to wear those bracelets just to have a one-nighter with some hot dude can do that. And anyone who wears them as fashion can do that to. They only mean what you make them mean!
heres what some mean where i come from-
red: lapdace
blue: oral sex
purple: kissing(extreme breaking means anal)
yellow sparkle: hug & kiss
gold sparkle: makeout
black: all the way home
clear: whatever breaker wants
yellow: hug
orange: kissing
white: flashing chest
by allison hunt November 30, 2003

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