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the act of an older gentlemen using his devilish good looks to get away with makes sexually explicit comments, or suggestions to a younger girl.
charming 40 year old: I'm going to finger you in the car!

shy 17 year old: no that's prohibited

charming 40 year old: i don't care

shy 17 year old: you will get bare bottom spankings!

charming 40 year old: you'd just end up sucking my dick

shy 17 year old: ... SHUT UP!

charming 40 year old: hahaha

shy 17 year old: your a penis bully!

charming 40 year old: i'll make that my facebook status.
by allieson715 November 17, 2009
a word u best friend uses to keep the conversation going when he is talk to an old friend in Korea.
allieson: im just cut my leg and im bleeding a lot
Savien: cool
by allieson715 July 10, 2008

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