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The city of Vancouver, which has a large population of transplanted Chinese from Hong Kong. Not necessarily a slur, just a funny word. It can refer to any china town district.
Synonym: "Chinglishville"
Antonyms:a)"Bubbatown", a place inhabited exclusivly by red neck Caucasians. b)"Biffsburgh", white suburb.
Hey, I'm hungry for Chinese; let's pop over to Hongcouver.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
A man or woman who gets off on having the 'money shot' in the mouth, and manages to do this frequently. Synonym: "sperm-o-vac".
Karla is such a tramp, a total spoogaholic.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
Pegorative for a typical bussinessman/woman, bank executive, cheap boss etc...
alt. form: financial sodomy aka: business as usual.
Man, the bank just handed me over to the collections agency, bunch of financial sodomite(s) and crank-lickers if you as me.
That contract was total financial sodomy dude; I never should have signed.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
A person who sends out vague flirtations. You never know if they are flirting for real, or not. It applies mostly to new people you've met, or to strangers who give you odd looks.
That girl who works at the circulation desk is such a cryptoflirt. Do you think she likes me, or just has chronic gas?
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
The "pooch" that older women get below the belt line. It hangs lower than a man's gut and is not accompynied by the higher-situated beer belly.
Nice gunt. I've always wanted one, but lack the necessary estrogen.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
A girl/woman who always has a yeast infection, or acts like she does.
Our new boss is such a witch, a total cheeseflap.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
A person who is always negative. They always find a way to bring everyone down. Synonym: "depressomatic", "cloud-boy/girl"
Frank has a cloud over his head all the time; he's a real unibummer.
Hey, we're having too much fun here; let's call Frank. We need a depressomatic.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
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