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a depaneur run by an indian and one which sells alcohol and cigarettes to minors. les 4 saisons on St Jean's is a good example.
yo man i gotta go to the pak shack and buy a 40
by allay October 25, 2005
acronym for sister i'd like to fuck. derived from milf another acronym this time for mother id like to fuck.
damn phil's sister is a fucking silf
by Allay June 17, 2004
the word used to describe a dick face and a person that is having the dick on his/her face. usually a crack head.
o please i am the biggest monofob here
by allay February 23, 2004
An amazingly bright girl with a fab sense of humour and not shy of letting other people know about it. Usually blonde and VERY sexy...
Alice: well hello
Person: Hi *sexy wink*
by ALLAY June 22, 2013

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