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People who give definetions for themselfvs or people they know in an attempt to get them into the Urban Dictonary. Can be shortened to Namer. or URB namer
God, Todd and caylee are such a Urban Namers.
by Alix McQ August 17, 2008
It's a word used to describe something that is beyond Sweet. Next level of sweet.
When Jerry got kicked in the sack it was McSweet.
by Alix McQ August 17, 2008
When your wiping your ass and you finger breaks through the toliet paper.
It should be noted that there are diffrent catagories of blow through.
category 1. You get some shit on your finger.
category 2. Your whole finger goes in.
category 3. Your hand goes in up to the knuckle.
category4. The most extreme case of blow through in which your whole hand enters the rectum.
My roomate got the cheap TP and I had a case of category 2 blow through.
by Alix McQ August 17, 2008
When a male is really good friends with a female there considered Lesbros.
No she'll back me up she's my lesbro.
by Alix McQ August 17, 2008
When someone does something to someone with out being provoked, and the victim then over reacts.
Rachel threw her phone at Sean for no reason, so Sean broke a plate over her head. It was a common pearl harbor situation.
by Alix McQ December 19, 2008

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