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Short code for 2008.

2k5 = 2005
2k6 = 2006
2k7 = 2007

Bush is NOT leaving the office in 2k8. He leaves Jan 20, 2k9.

Certain forums on the internet use "2k..." to describe other users. For instance if a new member makes a stupid remark, he may be called a 2k7er or soon 2k8er. It just means that they have been a member of the forum for that long. Having been with a forum long gives a person more respect on the forum.
Bob: When will the next election take place?
James: In 2k8

pballer12345: Man the ion is the best gun on the planet. (user joined forum Jan 2008)
pb4life12345: STFU stupid 2k8er

John: When will Bush be leaving office?
Joe: Jan 20, 2k9
by alienshinubie December 31, 2007

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