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Maria is the most beautiful cosmic creature that is kind enough to grace us with her mere presence here on planet Earth. She has been gracefully brought down from above by angels who made her perfect. She is the cutest thing to meet the eye. She can be a total bitch sometimes but is sweet and caring at the same time. Her heart is easily broken, so be careful with her fragile feelings. She has few friends and she adores and appreciates them more than anything on the planet. (lucky bastards) She likes to skate, draw, and listen to music, preferably naked. She's very smart, yet dislikes school. She loves animals and nature. She is just perfect.
boy #1: Maria Munoz is amazing, I wish I could find someone as perfect as her.

boy #2: Yeah, I know. Any guy that can have her is the luckiest person on earth.

boy #1: She is the most interesting and nicest person ever.

by alienheadstuff January 12, 2012

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