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live mostly in miami
they talk weird..
ghetto D:
wear so much gel on their hair that theyre hair is shiny
super light blue brazilian jeans
show their breasts
have big boobs, if a chonga is 15 years old, she looks like shes 25, because they like to eat alot with gets the hormones from the chickens, cows, and stuff.
most are from puerto rico, cuba, and more latin countries
sleep with their boyfriends alot.
decorate their myspace with glittery words such as : BABY, PRINCESS, CUBANITA, BABE I LOVE YOU, or their "name"
if you want to see a museum of chongas, come to miami (dolphin mall) or at the dollar stores, they think theyre rich but theyre not close to it. shirts only cost like $9 cause of so little fabric it has. >_______________<
the wax most of their eyebrows, or all of it, and sharpies their eyebrown. .... isnt that gross??
also.. they hav the biggest hoop earings with theyre name impinted inside the hoops

-hEiiii $uSie w@ts uPpP ??
-ohHh hei m@mmiie
-i tHink i'm pr3gnAnt ~****
-O: thIs is yo 7th time gIrrll
-heh we're sucH ChonGas
by alexxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 28, 2007

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