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An exclamation of alarm, horror, or befuddlement. Typically reserved for English classes and bookstores.
"Arthur Miller's dead? The woods are burning!"


"That was a picture of a man nipple? THE WOODS ARE BURNING!"
#suprise #omg #wtf #death #of #a #salesman
by alexthepagan August 07, 2008
An event at which high concentrations of bros are present. Although sexual activity between aforesaid bros is typically absent, it is understood to be liable to erupt at any given time. A portmanteau of the the words "bro" and "orgy."
"Wow, that Jack Johnson show was a brorgy if I've ever seen one."
#bro #orgy #jack #johnson #dave #matthews #sandals
by alexthepagan August 07, 2008
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