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When a man performs an incest threesome with his sister and mother on the hardwood floor of a log cabin in the anal depths of the forests of lawrenceburg, tennessee. this act is commonly performed by tom lyons
ME: Yo tommy boy i heard you tennessee log cabined with erin and mama lyons
TOM: yea man i jizzed all over that hardwood floor. oh and ricky rubio is a beast look at his stats.
ME: Lyons shut the fuck up just look at you you are a mess.
TOM: well at least im not a jew
by alexmacksuglybitches January 12, 2009
sticking your genitalia through a hole in a door or through a bagel hole; usually to scare away ugly chicks
Last night, this ugly bitch was knocking on my door so i stuck my dick through the glory hole
by alexmacksuglybitches January 18, 2009

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