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"What's good?" is a greeting similar to "what's up?" or "how are you?" When asked "What's good at (name of a place)?" your reply might include what you're doing, how you're doing, anything of note about the place of interest , etc. "Nothin, chillin" is also an acceptable response, though some may look upon you as cold, uninterested, or simply unoriginal.
Ben: Kacey, What's good?
Kacey: Jay-Z is playing on campus and we're high as shit.
by alex_trebek June 19, 2009
Used in regard to hair and its maintenance procedures, whereby one sustains their natural or artificial curls.

Though often said by males, females can also "keep it swimmin" with little or no change in connotation.
Angela: Damn, Marcus, your hair looks tight. You going to the ball?
Marcus: Nah, girl, I'm just keepin' it swimmin'.
by alex_trebek June 19, 2009
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