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One who pretends to know sports, but obviously doesn't. The opposite of a sports snob.
Sports Snob: Dude did you see the Cardinals game last night? Pretty crazy eh?

Sports Noob: Uhh ya...Pujols was on fire.

Sports Snob: Wow. baseball season is over. I was talking about the football game you sports noob!
by alex_bruin November 08, 2009
Similar to a gold digger. One who dates sluts so they can get some muff.
Steve likes slutty girls, hes always trying to get some. What a muff digger.
by alex_bruin September 21, 2009
When you are put in a small dark room for hours on end as some kind of harsh punishment.
Johnny said he had a headache, so the teacher locked him in her supply cabinet for 3 hours. He totally got leached.
by alex_bruin December 30, 2009

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