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is when a guy is blind folded and brought into a circle that contains 3 gay men and 3 women. once inside the circle, all the participant rotate clockwise until the blind folded guy stays stop. whoever is in front of the the blind folded guy has to give him a blow job. Could be a gay guy could be a a woman!
Sean: Whats up with that new guy at the gym wanting to hang out with you? I heard he maybe gay.

Alex: Thats fine, I don't mind as long as he doesn't anything funny or make me play gay russian roulette with him!
by alex2states January 03, 2013
A person who is actively looking for groupons to purchase not needed and generally stupid items.
Alex: You know Jimmy is such a groupon douche!
Cara: Why?
Alex: Because he purchased groupons for him and his wife for 70% off tattoo work at a local trashy tattoo parlor.
by alex2states June 29, 2011
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