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7 definitions by alex smith

An extremely sexy guy that is always happy. Always has a smile on his face. He will be one of the funniest people you will ever meet. If you do meet him your lucky
Hey Linda your such a jack mosey
by Alex smith May 24, 2013
a sausage ressembling a rubber willy
willies floating in brine in the supermarket
by alex smith January 25, 2005
liam allen eats poo

originating from his breath smelling of shit hence caused by eating it.
liam allen is a fat greasy smelly bastard and eats poo
by alex smith January 25, 2005
Masturbating. Flicking off. Jerkin' off. Fucking yourself. Whatever you call it
After seeing that hot girl I did the Monster Mash
by Alex Smith March 25, 2005
Adjective (mar-ng-ar)
- The act of being openly homosexual
- Rough or Rugged (see Rough)
At the Mardigra we partake in many acts of a munga nature
by Alex Smith March 03, 2004
Squatting to poop, like in the woods
Oh man I just diddly squatted in the woods
by Alex Smith March 25, 2005
Teh ubercool person. Too good for you. You don't even have the coolness to be looking at this. Go find something else to do with your time, losah.
Damn, that guy's login is Psyched! Man, he's cool.
by Alex Smith December 19, 2004