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Word used to describe attractive females, usually wearing revealing clothing. Originally the word was only used to describe teen sluts, but grew more sophisticated as time went on. When using the word, the phrase "Hook up" can be replaced with "Pick up."
"Let's go pick up some lovely young parcels."

"Look at that parcel walking down the street."
by Alex Mac July 06, 2005
(1)An adjective to describe something that was not cool.
dude, that was uncoo.
by alex mac May 20, 2003
(1) A word to describe shit.
(2) A multi-meaning word (can mean anything).
"godamn hell yeh, that she was off the hook"
by alex mac May 20, 2003
Arabic for daughter.

In Britian, derogatory slang for girl. Sort of like cunt.
I hate you, bloody bint!
by Alex Mac June 13, 2005
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