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Slang term for a strip club.
YOu boys wanna go to the skin bar.
by alex"rus" tsaur November 05, 2003
When you bust a load of spunk on a girls face that makes her temporarily blind and sucks ur nutsack
Mrs. Nanners loves the jizzfaced testicle flap
by alex"rus" tsaur November 05, 2003
people from the south who have nutting better to do except for analy penetarting horses or mules.
Skeeter is a horse banging skank becuase he literally humped the shit out of my horse
by alex"rus" tsaur October 21, 2003
Canadians who sexually arouse moose and suddenly get flip fucked
Mike McDonald was going to hockey practice when he got an infiltrating moose cock up the cornhole
by alex"rus" tsaur October 21, 2003
A person who is totally extreme and does anything for his buddies.
Your such a coon face ass master
by alex"rus" tsaur November 02, 2003
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