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4 definitions by alehandro camerez

Someone who will not stop talking bullshit and lies.
When he drinks he talks non stop bullship so i think he is a shit flap.
by alehandro camerez March 09, 2008
1. A person or persons who make your life more difficult by overworking you. This person usually has authority or seniority over you and is always busting your balls to make you do things.

2. A breakdance move that involves waving your arms and hands near your genitals repeatedly.
1. My dad yelled at me all day to finish my school project so I think he is such a Nut Crumper.

2. Did you see that man doing the nut crumper dance, waving his arms towards his balls looking like he was masturbating with both hands?
by alehandro camerez March 09, 2008
A boogerwich is nasal boogers placed on a sandwich or a hamburger. They are usually served to unknowing recipients as a practical joke or revenge.
Instead of the normal ham sandwich that Peter's boss would usually receive from him each day at noon, Peter decided to bring him a ham boogerwich instead.
by alehandro camerez March 09, 2008
1. noun- A stolen sandwich.
variations: Scramwich, Scamwich, scammich.
1. Check out this scamwich i stole from the staff fridge.
by alehandro camerez March 09, 2008