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2 definitions by aledros

noun: term to describe a talkative fellatio practicioner: i.e. a chatterbox
"Sharon is such a chum mumbler. A mouthful of my man goo didn't even shut her up!!!
by Aledros July 09, 2006
noun: enormously HUGE phallic object
verb: the act of taking someone to task with above stated phallic object
adjective: Someone who behaves as said phallic object or a very BIG deal
Noun: Man, I saw this flick where a chick took a king tut piece in her asshole!!!! It was the size of a forearm!!

Verb: Ol' girl got a "F" on her term paper...yeah the professor really gave her the king tut piece.

Adjective: Richard is such a tut piece!!!
Man, Livia's party is going to be the KING TUT PIECE!!! I'm talkin' five freaks to each guy!!!
by aledros July 11, 2006