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n. A totally cheap-ass word to use in Scrabble and piss everyone off.
"Yeah, so I was winning by, like, 200 points, and THEN he puts down 'Qanat' on a triple word score tile, and I call bullshit, but it turns out it's a real word!"
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005
adj. Used in place of "fucking" on TV's Firefly.
"Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly, wasn't it?"
by Alecx Hunter July 25, 2005
v. A person far worse than a mere fucker.
"Have you seen Allan?"
"No, why?"
"Guy took a shit on my lawn, sold my car, and pissed on my mom. I'm gonna kill him."
"What a scumfucker!"
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
n. A transvestite or cross-dresser.
"That's no woman. That's more than a woman. THAT is a three-legged princess."
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005
adj. A synonym for "cool" first used by Rose McGowan in "Doom Generation", a movie that was so bad that I actually thought it had changed my life forever. Used by people much cooler than you or me.
Abyssx105: My mom doesn't want me to shoot smack into my eye with dirty needles, but fuck her. I'm doing it anyway. Nobody understands me!

JTHMfan442: Razor.
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
n. A child of either sex between the ages of 1-9.
"Aw, what a cute little eet-rat!"
by Alecx Hunter June 30, 2005
v. To so completely lose your cool that you can only get jibberish out of your drooling piehole.
When Jon found out that his mother had done biker gangbang flicks in the '60s, he totally jibbed out. It was AWESOME.
by Alecx Hunter July 15, 2005

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