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A town in Connecticut in which every body has mad money. there is swilling weekly at the amazing house parties in back country mansions. The cheapest houses are in the high hundred thousands. The most expensive are in back country or bell haven, the homes are about thirty million. Greenwich has more money than the other wealthy Connecticut towns such as Darien or New Cannan. The kids how ever aren't snobs at all, they just tend to flaunt they are from Greenwich. They don't need to say where they are from for people to know they are rich. on lookers can tell by the polo shirts, LV bags, and many more over priced... but must have items. Greenwich is tooo hottt to handle, but its where EVERYONE wants to live. I mean millionaire kids think they are poor if they dont live in back country..... GOTTA LOVE IT
a poor girls nightmare, an average girls dream, a rich girls domain..... greenwich
by aldkjfldjf May 18, 2005

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