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A belief in which people feel that animals should have at least a few right, and shouldn't have to suffer for the pleasure of humans.
obviously stereo-typical people are claiming that animal-rights activists are phsycho, and that non animals rights people are red necks.
neither is true.
animal rights activists just believe that humans dont NEED to kill animals. animals that hunt are usually pure carnivore, which means they dont have the ability to eat both.
people that dont believe animals should have rights are normal people that have their own beliefs.

the main reason for animal rights is to end the suffering of animals. they feel just like we do. when something blinks, breathes, and flinches when hit, it does have feeling.
Billy-Bob: im an animal rights activist
Phsycho: im not an animal rights activist
#vegetarian #animals #phsycho #animal rights #red dragon
by album March 03, 2007
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