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Euphamistic expression for an uncommonly colorful and forceful bout of projectile vomit.
After drinking 6 Tequeila Sunrises and eating a large Chef Salad, Al painted the car with his technicolor yawn.
by Al Caholic March 09, 2005
Noun - very similar in form to common hershey squirts (coca squirtis minora) differentiated primarily by artillery explosion like flatulence. can often result in a dislocation and or actual discharge of the small intestine.
After the bean eating contest, Pete downed several pitchers of beer at Polska Sausage World. The resulting case of exploding hershey squirts shattered the toilet, dislodged the sewer main, and unclogged his sinuses.
by Al Caholic March 09, 2005
1. Noun: Sword (in the epic series by Fred Saberhagen) which made its bearer lucky. Not lucky like with the ladies, but mad lucky like someone attacking him would trip on a piece of paper and be impaled through the eye by a randomly bouncing pencil lucky.
Dave slept, but Coinspinner protected him by generating (weeks in advance) an odd strain of ecoli which laid dormant in his attackers stomachs until they tried to attack... they were then seized with the exploding hershey squirts and terminal technicolor yawns.
by Al Caholic March 09, 2005
(n.) 1. a pear shapped, ugly woman w/ a big honkin nose...

2. a swear word only 2 be used in extream situatons describing the ugliness of a person
Ugh look at that Miriah, she's gonna make me go blind
by al caholic June 01, 2003
(n.) an ugly woman w/ an etreml large nose.
2. a swear word describing an ugly person, only 2 b used in situations of etreme ugliness
"Ugh look at that Miriah* i think im gonna vomit!"
by al caholic June 01, 2003
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