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Something Extremely Awesome, similar to an orgasm.
Oh man that Velveeta Mac n' Cheese was Jiztastic
by Akkattakk April 29, 2010
Essentially skin flaps with nipples. Most commonly found on old ladies, gypsies and African street hookers.
Like an old mans nutsack, the African street hooker's pancake tits sagged to her knees and occasionally scraped the ground.
by Akkattakk April 29, 2010
Town in Long Island, NY
Pop: 10,250 at the 2000 census.

Small Town located in Suffolk County, NY. Main Attractions include the Smithhaven Mall and several New Boutiques opening in the surrounding area. Houses are of medium and Large size. New Housing developments boasting Million dollar Mini-Mansions are prominent in the area surrounding the Village area.
Alex:Yo where can I get that Awesome Bud?

Guam: Lake grove, Ny My Friend.
by Akkattakk October 18, 2009
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