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Sharia is also known as anIslamic law. It is a law based on islam that is incredibly misguided, and used by many mullahs and co, to bludgeon human rights and impose their moral views upon others.

They are one of the major reasons, which the Middle East cannot progress. While sharia is used as a law in a country, abuse of human rights, woman’s rights, and religious freedom will continue.

But don’t take my word for it, find out how deep the rabbit hole goes yourself.

Using sharia law puts you in breach of the Geneva convention
by Akimbomidget April 06, 2006
1. Refers to suicide , used when you want to say the word less direct.

Add more to this... i can't think of anything else...
1. He just did a self assisted euthanasia
by akimbomidget December 13, 2004

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