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insulting term for no gi submission grappling used by mma fans
man after seeing dean lister fight in the octagon, he needs to stick to pajama fighting
#pajama #fighting #submission #grappling #no gi
by akgnp September 03, 2010
When referring to the use of the phrase "no homo":

Normally occurs when friends are exchanging deep down feelings or weird actions and one person takes it too far, saying something that isn't covered in the "no homo" stature (like something about the Twilight movie saga)
Guy 1: Dude i love this girl so much i wanna marry her, no homo
Guy 2: Man that guy is ripped, no homo
Guy 3: You want to know something guys? I love the Twilight movies, no homo
Guy 2: Damn, you just entered the Twilight Zone
#twilight #zone #movies #no #homo
by akgnp June 14, 2010
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