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a beautiful girl and she likes to make jokes about babies. she likes to make fun of her friends. ALL da time. Shes extremely short and her fav. color is pink. she enjoys eating waffles in the morning and sits in really weird positions on the stools of her island. she also sits in weird positions on the floor and her friends makes fun of her all the time. she also likes to sing BABY BABY BABY OHHHHHHHHHHH, to her boyfriends in Cancun. she likes to dance on the hoods of cars it is a hobby of hers. she likes to hug people and she shoves people off beds in her sleep. Sometimes she eats lotion. Dont forget.
A guy: omg i want a magiboo
a girl: what about me?!
The guy: too bad
by akghzdfkjhadfkl January 15, 2011

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