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a common word used to describe the penis
" look at that guys peen..it makes my grandpas look big."
by ak harry March 15, 2005
a word often used for a chinese person
" those damn kinezis can't drive."
by ak harry March 15, 2005
a common way to refer to a british person
" that tea n crumpet nigga sure loves those fishsticks."
by ak harry March 15, 2005
a great insult to piss someone off when you are in a fight.
" dude go fuck your mom."
" shut up you donkey rapping shit eater."
by ak harry March 15, 2005
greek- way of refering to a gay person.
" look at that damn poostie."
by ak harry March 18, 2005
greek- a common way of saying a huge shit that will not go down the toilet. typically green.
" damn sun that comula is a huge ass terd man."
by ak harry March 17, 2005
greek- word for HUGE shit that doesnt flush
" dude look at that huge comula it smells like my ass dude. "
by ak harry March 05, 2005
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