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The site that you are on now. It is used to find the meanings of various terms - usually slang - that are (and have been) used in our world, but are not listed in regular dictionaries.

When browsing and searching Urban Dictionary, it is best to keep to terms/slang only. It is better if one does not look up/research video games, people, companies, organizations, tv shows, etc. on UD because doing so is usually a waste of time. Many of the definitions for the aforementioned things often start out as definitions, but then eventually twist into opinions, and usually moronic ones at that. Not only do those opinions waste time, but some are particularly painful to read due to extreme idiocy. But also, they can lead someone naive and unknowning of the subject in question to have a corrupted vision of it. Thus, spawning even more idiotic 'tards.

Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org) is probably a better website if you want to research or find more about a company, organization, etc. It has stricter policies overall, and less intelligent (stupid), biased and informal entries are usually removed or edited.
"I have no idea what the hell that word means... I should see if it's on that Urban Dictionary site."

Good use of Urban Dictionary:
"Person 1: You stupid dillhole.
Person 2: ... what the hell? Off to Urban Dictionary!"
Reasoning: Person 2, who possesses at least a bit of intelligence, realizes that (s)he was insulted, but obviously doesn't know what a dillhole is. So, having some dignity, (s)he goes to find out just what (s)he was just called, probably only to look stupid after.

Bad use of Urban Dictionary:
"Person 1: Huh? Who the hell is Fall Out Boy? Is My Chemical Romance toxic? What in the world is Nintendo? ... off to Urban Dictionary!"
Reasoning: Each of the three above subjects have (repulsive, disgusting, and horrible) 'definitions' that either say it sucks, or it's awesome, or whatever. Although Person 1 can get an idea of what it is, they probably won't get a LOT of useful information in the end.

(note: smart people would have realized that this definition is a biased opinion itself. :P)
by ajyle June 24, 2006

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