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2 definitions by ajphizzles

(noun)1. A major epidemic resulted from major loss of originality. It can also be caused by severe hypebeasting. Symptoms include shoe obsession, clothes obsession, as well as the desire to carry a skateboard.
2. The state of being a hypebeast.
"Hypebeasity in America is a major concern, and can kill a person within weeks"

"After buying his Supreme Dunks, Supreme Snapback cap, and Supreme Shirt, Jonathan fell victim to hypebeasity."

"There is not yet a solution to hypebeasity in America, however it can be treated by buying non-hyped branded clothing"
by ajphizzles March 03, 2009
Originalbeast. The total opposite of a hypebeast. When around the presence of an obeast, a hypebeast will shriver and possibly spontaneously combust into flames, though this is just a theory.
"Kanye West is obeast, because of the fact of how hypebeasts model themselves afterhim."

"Damn, no sb's. Just retro jays. Hella obeast."
by ajphizzles January 25, 2009