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the greatest,but silliest show on nick. Its about a yellow sponge named SpongeBob Squarepants..(hence the name) his friend Patrick Star the most funniest dude ever!!!! and their boring but sometimes funny neighbor named Squidward. They all live in Bikini Bottom. there are a bunch of other characters but im too lazy to mention im sure you guys know that by now. and if you don't like it then you can go kiss my buns!!!your just some person like one of those goth kids that don't know what to do with their lives and isolating themeselves and wearing black and all that shit!
some kid: oh! spongebob squarepants is on.
goth kid: you watch that show your LAME!!!!!
some other kid: shut up u suck your no fun your weird you have no friends spongebob is cool.
goth kid: *casts evil spell on kids* *kids turn into frogs*
by ajfljdlfjdlaskjf June 03, 2006

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