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When describing an event that just happened in that the event wasn't special enough to be considered fucking awesome but at the same time it wasn't as horrible to be considered okay or good, but just enough to be slightly attractive enough to be remembered.
Eli: Dude, did you see that dunk LeBron did last night against the Wizards? It was fucking awesome!
Matt: It was sexy kind-of at most man, it wasn't that special.

Tyrell: Dude, did you see me tackle that kid?
Nick: That was totally sexy kind-of.
Tyrell: I know man, that's gonna be the last time he makes fun of me.
by ajday December 06, 2008
Oral rape (past-tense orally raped) is commonly also known as "kiss rape." Oral rape is when person a decides it's a good idea to kiss person b, and person b unwillingly takes the kiss when he or she does not originally want the kiss.
Elizabeth: Oh shit...
Andrew: What?
Elizabeth: You see that guy over there in the orange?
Andrew: Yeah, what about him?
Elizabeth: He orally raped me last month.
Andrew: What do you mean by oral rape?
Elizabeth: He forced as kiss on me while we were waiting for the movie to start on a date last month.
Andrew: Oh, I see now. What a douchebag.
by ajday February 11, 2010

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