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In short the most amazing sweets known to human kind.

A clever piece of production by swiss giants nestle, in that of creating a spin off sweet to the classic polo mint, the polo citrus sharp takes the form of the conventional polo mint but has a strikingly sharp and satisfying taste.
James:'My life is so shit, the only good thing i have is this tube of polo citrus sharps'
Morgan:'You got that right, dem is tasty can i have one?'
James:'HELL NO!'
by airdrawndagger December 01, 2004
1. A phrase used by a male when he is totally besotted with one female and does not express any particular interest in any other member of the female race. Basically does not stop thinking about this one female to the point of insanity.

2. A sneaky phrase used by a male to remove himself from the big hole that is when a dirty chav girls shows interest in him.
1. Josh: "That chick in HMV is buff, she is eyein us up bare"
Morgan: "Mate you know the score two eyes one girl!"

2. Dirty Chav:"Oi sexy boy, can i have your number"
Wilson:"sorry,two eyes one girl" <then breezes away]
by airdrawndagger December 08, 2004
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