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a penis
Wow he has a really small chin chin
by Aimee September 11, 2003
someone who tries to be something their not. Commonly used as the word "poser". A person who follows along w/ the crowd, not knowing shit about it.Also used by insecure 12 year-olds to boost their

my advice 2 ppl who read this: just be yourself

whoever calls you a poseur is this word:see asshole
I changed how I looked in the middle of the year because my views of life changed and people called me a poseur.
by Aimee December 21, 2004
A time in a young girl or boy's life when he or she turns sixteen years old. Usually, the young person invites his friends over and then gets tanked.
Hey remember Mary's sweet sixteen? We got so drunk...
by Aimee January 01, 2004
Car parts and accessories company, especially good for classics.
I'm a huge poseur, so I bought me some x pipes at Year One and now I don't know what to do with them.
by Aimee January 01, 2004
To be caught in a difficult situation, that may take some time to get out of.
As the survivors excaped by sealing the door shut, there was another giant beast waiting on the other side, as their heads turned each of them knew they were lava'd-up.
by aimee August 10, 2003
It means boobies. Your breasts, your melons, your rack.
"Man, she has some nice dinners"
by Aimee November 06, 2004
Toasty. A lazy lazy person. You can stalk him for 2 months and he will not notice. Yes, he is that oblivious. He keeps various odd things in his trenchcoat, such as a disc drive with a Linkin Park CD taped into it. Also very easy to kidnap.
"You're the winner of the loser sweepstakes!"
by Aimee February 04, 2005
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