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3 definitions by ahryc

Getting your wisdom teeth removed.
a: Yo man, you splittin' wizzies on thursday?
b: yeah man, you nervous?
a: you know it.
by ahryc December 05, 2006
36 4
n. A gossipmonger is one who is so addicted to learning new gossips that they are simply addicted to gossip.
"That girl is such a gossipmonger"

"gossipmongers are so annoying, is it really that important to hear the newest gossip?"
by ahryc January 17, 2009
16 0
pl. pretenemies

similar in origin to the word frenemies, a pretenemy is a complex relationship in which one (or both) parties pretend to hate eachother either due to social standards or for monetary gain.
Rachel: Hey Amy isn't that that chick you hate?
Amy: Oh no, she's just my pretenemy.
by ahryc January 17, 2009
12 2