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haveing sex with a really fat bird {beached whale}the type of bird you wouldnt like to go on top!!!
i went out the other day and pulled a fat bird and she was fat and i mean fat!!! i was trying to get my dick in her but couldnt find her hole so i had to say to her fart and give me a clue love
by AGnumbnuts November 23, 2011
Local chinesse owner and all-round geezer of asain origin - NOT RACIST!
'We off down to billy poons for some prawn toast guys?'
by AGnumbnuts November 07, 2011
Big bouncy boobs walking down the street.
Craig 'wow that birds got big wobblers, imagine those in your face'
by AGnumbnuts November 08, 2011
Your on the bog and doh! no toilet roll!! only thing around is The Sun newspaper so you end up giving a page 3 girl a shitty beard.
Danny to his mum 'muuummmm we've ran out of bum scrape!'
Mum 'We spent the toilet roll money on fags so use the Scratch and Scream. (ie The Sun)'
by AGnumbnuts November 08, 2011
Expression for when you are really really thirsty.
My mate Gary wanted to go to the pub, he said his mouth was dry as a nuns crutch
by AGnumbnuts November 15, 2011
Talking nonsense, chatting aload of arse to someone and them just staring at you in anger cause you make no sense.
Deb to Craig 'Stop talking jockey shit Craig'

Craig 'Bite my brownbear covered arse im going for a kurnal'
by AGnumbnuts November 09, 2011
Stuck on a packed train with a turtlehead (a poo), no where to go.
John Connor to Danny 'I was on the train home last night in rush hour and i seriously had tube trouble'.

Danny 'no toilets about?'

John Connor 'nah i was storing it like a camel all day!'.
by AGnumbnuts November 09, 2011

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