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3 definitions by agentlovelette

To increase the volume or strength of something.
Damn this Blowfly track is hot, put some weight on it.
by agentlovelette August 24, 2006
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A time period between 1988-92 during which there was mass confusion caused by the overlapping of 80's freestyle and 90's r&b music. It affected all areas of media and fashion. Most of the songs from the period are confusing when trying to guess what decade its from.
a: milli vanilli sucks
b: thats cos theyre from the gayhties
a: oh yeah
by agentlovelette September 12, 2006
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Music that has been adjusted or edited so that grandpa won't feel uncomfortable listening to it. Less bounce per ounce.
There's also a chopped & screwed version so that you people with absolutely no energy can still comfortably attempt to mingle with the angst-ridden youth.
by agentlovelette August 23, 2006
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